Scheduling and Fees

 black-arrow On-site Language Courses, Editing, Coaching, Consulting and Educational Auditing

THB 2,000 + VAT per hour, minimum one (1) hour per visit for work scheduled from 07.00 to 17.00.

THB 2,500 + VAT per hour, minimum one (1) hour per visit for work scheduled after 17.30 and all-day workshops.

This fee includes off-site preparation and follow-up reports.

 black-arrow Scheduling

Based on instructor, coach or consultant availability, appointments can be scheduled at anytime (24/7).

 black-arrow Cancellations

An appointment may be cancelled up to two (2) hours in advance.

If cancelled with less than two (2) hours notice, a THB 1,500 fee will be charged.

If cancelled on arrival, a minimum one-hour fee will apply.

black-arrow In-house Work

All work completed in our office is billed at THB 1,500 + VAT per hour, with time required for any task charged in 10-minutes units.

black-arrow Workshops and Seminars

THB 15,000 + VAT per day, inclusive of all materials required for up to 15 participants.

This fee does not include venue, coffee break and meal expenses.

Mini-seminar fees are THB 500 + VAT per person per seminar.

Minimum attendance is four (4); maximum is twelve (12).

This fee includes all materials but does not include venue expense.

black-arrow Confidentiality Agreement

Speech Work Consultancy would prefer to enter a Confidentiality Agreement with a client and will provide an agreement if required or sign any such agreement provided by a client.

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