Executive Coaching

An English Language Executive Coach offers practical and work-related English language support and advice while working side-by-side with an executive.

Many senior and highly effective executives in their areas of business expertise often require support with specific English language skills and abilities. However, due to each executive’s position and responsibilities, the unique combination of skills and abilities needed and time restraints, a formal English language course is not be a feasible solution.

Rather than allow executives to struggle with English or to find their own solutions, an English Language Executive Coach provides on the job, real-time advice and support with all aspects of English directly related to work-related commitments.

Accompanying or working with executives on a part-time or occasional basis, a coach determines the skills required and provides support when and how it is most needed. Instead of spending time dealing with areas that are already strong, a coach focuses on enhancing language skills and abilities needed for day-to-day activities or for a particular meeting or situation.

A coach’s goal is to offset time working with an executive by producing or helping to produce English language materials that would otherwise be difficult and time consuming. Based on time constraints and the work involved, a coach can produce written work independently or in co-operation with executives thus freeing them to complete other important tasks.

To learn more about our Executive Coaching program, contact Dr Tim for a complimentary meeting to discuss your concerns in more detail, tim@speechwork.co.th